Release the Kraken

RTP (Return to Player)


Reel Resign

5 x 4

Lucky Spin


Win Ways


Max Win


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Stakes Range

$0.2 to $100

About this game

About Release the Kraken (Pragmatic Play) at BC.GAME

Release the Kraken from Pragmatic Play has a storyline that progresses as you play the video slot at BC.GAME. On one end, you are battling with the Kraken in a storm, and on the other, secretly collecting the treasures from the sunken chests guarded by the same sea monster. The feeling of the Kraken's presence never leaves you, as its tentacles are always in view. Moreover, the soundtrack in Release the Kraken builds up additional tension and creates an expectation of something terrifying happening. Ultimately, this title with an unforgettable adventure awaits you at BC.GAME.

Introduction to Release the Kraken (Pragmatic Play)

When making your first spin in Release the Kraken at BC.GAME, it is easy to notice beautiful Disney-like artistry and fluid animations incorporated into the title. The slot has a familiar 5 x 4 layout designed as a combination of wooden planks connected together with ropes and nails, forming a square in the end. It fits nicely into the game's underwater atmosphere with a sunken ship's background.
Basic Symbols

There are nine Basic symbols, including J, Q, K, A, a Yellow Fish, a Blue Fish, a Turtle, a Shark, and an Anchor. In a base game, Pragmatic Play offers you 20 winning ways. To hit a combination, you must land at least three identical Basic symbols in such a way that they create a straight line or a zig-zag. In other words, all of the symbols must be adjacent to each other.  

Symbols bet multipliers
J and Q:
3 - 0.25x; 4 - 0.5x; 5 - 2x.
K and A:
3 - 0.5x; 4 - 1x; 5 - 4x.
Yellow Fish:
3 - 1x; 4 - 3x; 5 - 5x.
Blue Fish:
3 - 1x; 4 - 3x; 5 - 7.5x.
3 - 2x; 4 - 4x; 5 - 10x.
3 - 2x; 4 - 5x; 5 - 12.5x.
3 - 2.5x; 4 - 10x; 5 - 25x.

A Wild symbol is designed as three water bubbles and can replace any other symbol except for the Bonus Ship, Chest Bonus, and Free Spins symbols. It can land on any reel, and by getting three, four, or five of it, you can earn 2.5x, 10x, or 25x of your total bet.

Randomly at any possible spin, three tentacles can appear in a base game and offer you three signs to choose from, representing three types of Wild symbols - Kraken Locking Wilds, Colossal Kraken Wilds, and Infectious Kraken WIlds, each with its own unique features.
Kraken Locking Wilds

If the random sign turns out to be a Kraken Locking Wilds feature, you will be offered three chests, and you need to open one to proceed further. It can contain five random bonuses - Collect, Continue Spinning, More Wilds, More Wilds and Collect, and All Wins x2 and Collect. Collect allows you to collect all accrued rewards and stops the bonus game. Continue Spinning is just what it sounds like - the bonus game makes one spin and offers you three new chests to choose from again. More Wilds reward you with differently designed Wild symbols than the basic analog. They look like four tentacles trying to capture the word Wild. More Wilds and Collect does exactly the same as the previous bonus but stops the bonus game after a spin rather than offering another three chests. And lastly, All Wins x2 and Collect collect and multiply all accrued rewards by 2x.  
Colossal Kraken Wilds

If the random sign turns out to be a Colossal Kraken Wilds feature, you will get a custom 3 x 4 Wild symbol designed as an angry Kraken on a blue background. It represents 12 Wild symbols. However, the Colossal Kraken Wild can land partially, occupying either three, six, nine, or a maximum of twelve slots.
Infectious Kraken Wilds

If the random sign turns out to be an Infectious Kraken Wilds feature, you will be offered the third and last possible unique-looking Wild symbol - an angry Kraken on a green background. An Infectious Kraken Wild will turn adjacent symbols to Wilds on the next spin. Landing in a corner will replace three symbols while landing in the middle replaces eight.
Sunken Treasure Bonus

There are two bonus symbols in Release the Kraken - a Bonus Ship and a Chest Bonus. The first one lands only on reels one and three, while the second lands only on reel five. Managing to get two Bonus Ship symbols with one Chest Bonus symbol will transfer you into a bonus game with three underwater treasure chests guarded by a Kraken. After opening the treasure chests, you are rewarded with a random prize. Nonetheless, if the chest contains Collect, the bonus game will end, and all accrued rewards will transfer to your wallet.
Scatters and Roaming Kraken Free Spins

A Scatter symbol is designed as a ship's steering wheel with the words Free Spins written on top. It lands only on reel five, and by getting two Bonus Ship symbols and a Scatter, you will be transferred to a bonus game called Roaming Kraken Free Spins, where ten underwater treasure chests with a background of a sunken ship await to be opened. Each chest can reward you with a random number of Free Spins - one, two, or three. If you get 12 Free Spins, the pre-bonus game will stop, and the Free Spin game will start. The chests can also contain an already familiar feature - Collect, which will also stop the pre-bonus game and transfer you to a Free Spin screen.

The Free Spin game has a background of a Kraken attacking the ship. It begins with a 1x multiplier and has an increased number of winning ways compared to the base game - from 20 to 40 paylines. Landing a Wild symbol will add 1x to the multiplier and, in the end, can result in its maximum value of 10x. The Wild symbols never disappear from the reels with additional spins but stay on them and move to a different slot position every time.
Buy Free Spins

You can buy Free Spins for 100x of your total bet, which guarantees to land two Bonus Ship symbols and one Free Spins Scatter symbol on the next spin in the end, resulting in the start of a Roaming Kraken Free Spins feature.

Strategy for Release the Kraken (Pragmatic Play)

To get the most significant profit from Release the Kraken at BC.GAME, you must consider several tips and tricks provided below.

First of all, the title is a medium-high volatility video slot. Low-volatility slots pay frequent small rewards, while high-volatility ones pay rare huge rewards. The best advice we could give you is to make small bets and be patient. Remember, the title has a 10,000x maximum payout, so even the tiniest bet of $0.2 could pay up to a whopping $2,000!
Second, we highly recommend not buying the Buy Free Spins feature due to its high price of 100x your total bet. Release the Kraken has many bonus features, which compensate exceptionally well for the possible lack of the Buy Free Spins.

Third, when prompted to choose a sign for a random Wild bonus game, aim for Kraken Locking Wilds. The other ones are also good, but Kraken Locking Wilds can receive more rewards. In our opinion, the features that offer the most significant rewards to the lowest are Kraken Locking Wilds, Infectious Kraken Wilds, and Colossal Kraken Wilds. You have a 33% probability of picking either, but this simple trick could increase your chances. The game is random by nature, meaning every time sign could be different. So, the first time you choose a sign, for example, the leftmost one, which appears to be a Kraken Locking Wilds feature, the next time you get prompted, it is doubtful that the same leftmost sign will have the same feature. You could act in two ways - either pick Kraken Locking Wilds the first time and the next time choose a different sign, or select another feature but remember the location of the Kraken Locking Wilds so that the next time you could choose between two signs rather than three, increasing the probability from 33% to almost 50%.

Fourth, when you enter a Sunken Treasure Bonus game, the first chest will always reward you with a money prize, no matter what. However, with the second chest, you have a 33% chance to land on a Collect, ending your bonus game. We advise you to make two consecutive identical picks and one random one to prevent that. For example, you selected the rightmost chest the first time. You must open it the second time and choose either the leftmost or middle chest the third time.

And lastly, the fifth tip. In a Roaming Kraken Free Spins bonus game, the first opened chest, as with the previous Sunken Treasure Bonus, always rewards you, but in this case, with Free Spins. The second one will have a 10% probability of containing Collect. This time, to prevent getting it, you must choose every other chest and remember which one had a Collect in the end. The next time you enter a Roaming Kraken Free Spins bonus game, you can pick the one with a Collect in the previous game as your second chest.  

Release the Kraken (Pragmatic Play): Summary

Release the Kraken from Pragmatic Play is a fantastic title that does not allow you to get bored even for a second. It has a mind-boggling number of features, each creating a unique and unforgettable gaming experience for you at BC.GAME. The four-piece storyline, from the ship battling tirelessly with a sea monster, Kraken, to being sunk by the creature, establishes the perfect atmosphere possible in the iGaming industry. All in all, we highly recommend experiencing Release the Kraken from Pragmatic Play at BC.GAME due to it being the perfect gaming opportunity for anyone.

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