Candy Burst

RTP (Return to Player)


Reel Resign

6 x 6

Lucky Spin


Win Ways


Max Win


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Stakes Range

$0.2 to $50

About this game

About Candy Burst at BC.GAME

Candy Burst from Pocket Games Soft is full of features with astonishingly fluid animations, and all of them will give you a sugar rush! On the one hand, you are going to capture all the candies while flying on a rocket, and on the other hand, you get soaking wet in chocolate and have an unbelievable experience inside the sweet tornado. Furthermore, everything becomes even more fun when you hear the 70s club music playing backstage.

Introduction to Candy Burst at BC.GAME

Candy Burst from Pocket Games Soft has a very beautiful and symmetrical 6 x 6 reel design on a light blue background. Posteriorly giant candies are dropping from the sky into a strawberry ice cream floor with sprinkles, reminiscent of an animated film Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.

Basic Symbols

There are eight Basic symbols: Blue Jelly Bean, Green Candy, Orange Candy, Purple Donut Cereal, Jawbreaker, Shiny Hard Caramel Candy, Heart Candy, and Star Candy. Landing at least four identical symbols adjacent to each other vertically or horizontally will result in a winning combination.
Symbol Payout Values
Blue Jelly Bean and Green Candy:
4 - 0.4x; every additional symbol +0.1x
Orange Candy:
4 - 0.6x; every additional symbol +0.15x
Purple Donut Cereal:
4 - 0.8x; every additional symbol +0.2x
4 - 1.2x; every additional symbol +0.3x
Shiny Hard Caramel Candy:
4 - 1.6x; every additional symbol +0.4x
Heart Candy:
4 - 2x; every additional symbol +0.5x
Star Candy:
4 - 4x; every additional symbol +1x

  • If your total bet is $1, four Green Candy symbols will reward you with $0.4, five - $0.5, six - $0.6, and so on and so forth.
  • If your total bet is $1, four Jawbreaker symbols will reward you with $1.2, five - $1.5, six - $1.8, and so on and so forth.

Special Symbols

Candy Burst has three Special symbols: Gummy Rocket, a rocket filled with candy passengers; Chocolate Bomb, a chocolate ball with sprinkles and strawberry ice cream; and Mystery Sweet, a red-white candy with a hypnotic pattern. Depending on a winning combination, you will be rewarded with one of these Special symbols mentioned above. Landing a combo of five, six, or seven symbols will result in a Gummy Rocket, Chocolate Bomb, or Mystery Sweet appearing at a random position, respectively. If there are multiple Special symbols on the reels apart from each other, then the leftmost highest row Special symbol will activate first.

Gummy Rocket randomly chooses a reel or row, then flies through all the symbols and destroys them in the process, except for Scatters and Specials. Two adjacent Gummy Rockets will blow up all Basic symbols on a reel, row, and diagonals, while Gummy Rocket adjacent to a Chocolate Bomb will explode either three reels or three rows. Moreover, a Gummy Rocket adjacent to a Mystery Sweet will destroy a reel and a row, in addition to the chosen Basic symbol, positioned on the whole gaming area.

Chocolate Bomb’s function is to blow up all the surrounding symbols. Two adjacent Chocolate Bombs will blow up a 5 x 5 part of the reels. A Chocolate Bomb adjacent to a Mystery Sweet will choose a Basic symbol and blow it up with all surrounding symbols in the shape of a diamond.

Mystery Sweet randomly chooses a particular Basic symbol, turns into it, and destroys all the lookalikes. Two adjacent Mystery Sweets will randomly choose three Basic symbols on the reels and destroy all of them on the whole gaming area.    

Candy Burst Feature

If a Gummy Rocket, Chocolate Bomb, and Mystery Sweet are adjacent to each other, all symbols on the reels will explode. The animation is like a tornado or whirlpool of strawberry milkshake. The winning combination, in this case, is multiplied by 2x.

Scatters and Free Spins

A Scatter symbol is designed as a pink smiling gummy bear that lands anywhere on the reels and, getting three, rewards you with 10 Free Spins, and each additional Scatter will give you extra two Free Spins. All winning combinations during a Free Spin round are multiplied by 2x, while a Candy Burst feature is multiplied by 10x. Moreover, you can retrigger Free Spins as many times as you like.

Strategy for Candy Burst

Candy Burst from Pocket Games Soft is a medium-volatility online casino video slot game. To put it in another way, you will have a perfect balance of wins and payouts per spin, compared to high-volatility and low-volatility slots, which have very rare and frequent wins with huge and small payouts, respectively. We recommend keeping your bets in a small to medium range of $0.2 to $1 to maximize your profit. And let us tell you, the profit is not small - 15,000x maximum possible payout! A little $0.2 spin can reward you with an outstanding $3,000! In addition to all of the above, focus on landing three Scatter symbols to get into a Free Spin round. While in a Free Spin game, try to get one Scatter every spin to keep the Free Spins flowing. And finally, getting multiple winning combinations to earn Special symbols will increase your rewards tremendously.  


The video slot may seem like an average candy game when looking superficially. However, this is far from the truth. You will drown in candies with Candy Burst from Pocket Games Soft, and we do not know a single person who can say no to that. And with so many various kinds of winning combinations, each with its own animation, it is impossible to resist this incredible title at BC.GAME.

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